To make stones walk…

Building & Being – February 2023

Per far camminare le pietre

Bisogna conoscere le regole

E poi dimenticare le regole e fare del proprio meglio

“Una pietra si tocca una sola volta”

Senti e pensa in anticipo

Se prendi una pietra, devi usarla

Trovare il proprio equilibrio tra perfezione e realtà

To make stones walk

You have to know the rules

And then forget the rules and do your best

“A stone is touched only once”

Feel and think ahead

If you pick up a stone, you have to use it

Find your own balance between perfection and reality

Pour faire marcher les pierres

Il faut connaître les règles

Et ensuite oublier les règles et faire de son mieux

“Une pierre ne se touche qu’une seule fois”

Sens et penses à l’avance

Si tu prends une pierre, tu dois l’utiliser

Trouves ton équilibre à toi entre la perfection et la réalité

Day 0

Travelling through the Swiss mountains, to Apricale, in wonderful company, finally arriving at La Lucciola

Day 1

Meeting our teachers Stefano and Igor, clearing the space, organizing the stones and digging to prepare for the next day

Day 2

Building the foundations and fixing the biggest stone of the wall

Day 3

Puzzle and play with stones, and discovering why a wall becomes even stronger after 10 years

Day 4

Intuitive building

Day 5

Finishing the wall and celebrating our work

Lots of love and gratitude to

Oliver and Steffi

Jairo, Stefano and Igor

Max, Sabry and Salomé

for this beautiful and rich adventure!

Our learnings and experiences will be passed on to the ones who will join us on our next trips…

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