Raising free people

Wild camping with three teenagers at La Lucciola was a beautiful adventure. Moments of sharing childhood experiences, fears and sadness, joy and hope, cultivating inner peace, and a lot of questions about being human. Why do we feel so unsafe at school? Why are we so afraid to die? Why do cigarettes make me feel relaxed? Why do I feel so insecure? Why is there no electricity to charge my phone here? Hmm, now let’s just pause here together and take time to share our thoughts and ideas and feelings…

Le camping sauvage avec trois adolescents à La Lucciola était une belle aventure. Des moments de partage d’expériences d’enfance, de peurs et de tristesse, de joie et d’espoir, de cultiver la paix intérieure, et de poser beaucoup de questions sur “être humain”. Pourquoi nous sentons-nous si peu en sécurité à l’école ? Pourquoi avons-nous si peur de mourir ? Pourquoi la cigarette me procure-t-elle une sensation de détente ? Pourquoi est-ce que je me sens pas sûr de moi ? Pourquoi n’y a-t-il pas d’électricité pour charger mon téléphone ici ? Hmm, maintenant, faisons une pause ensemble et prenons le temps de partager nos pensées, nos idées et nos sentiments…

What does “Pause” mean to you?

It’s my time to resource and rest, listening deeply to what my body has to say about my own balance and healing. It is a way to get ready for the upcoming time of intense, valuable and necessary action, which will be soon again.

When I hear the word “Language”, I think of …

…the surface of deep waters, the waves try to express what is going on deep inside. Language of the body and the breath, of intonation and eye-contact. Language of intentions and metaphors, referring to what resonates in my own experience and between us.

Have you ever heard of “Deschooling”?

To me, that word feels like “no need to be verbalizing everything all the time”. No more words or explaining, just getting close to our deeper self, our feelings and to untranslatable smaller and bigger acts of freedom…

There is something about “Schoolish” environments…

In a way, school recognizes the human need for stability, predictability and of judging what is right or wrong and what is needed to survive. Especially in a society where power, authority and mistrust decide about our belonging or exclusion. AND school also neglects our kids’ enormous potential and capacity for creativity, their longing to share and to be inspired by new views and solutions, acknowledging their intuition that may very well serve what will be necessary in the future…

And what comes up when you hear the word “Resistance”?

For me resistance is anchored in values that are being triggered. There’s a lot of energy boiling in my body when I think of resistance. This energy makes me feel alive and gives me the force to actively change something. And sometimes the feeling of resistance can also be too overwhelming, it is too much energy to deal with, so much that I’m not able to canalize it in a healthy way. Then I need to get out of the intensity of daily life struggles, and come back to it later.

Time to go back to La Lucciola… See you soon!

The words and the title of this blog were inspired by “Raising free people (a book by Akilah Richards)

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