Building plan

La Lucciola works

Each picture is a chapter in our plan. The basics of our project are explained and defined here. With the input of our co-creators we will be updating and fine-tuning the details of each chapter.


The mission of La Lucciola is to offer support to kids, teens and caregivers, to find their own authentic way to end disconnection and suffering and to build connection, creativity and wisdom. We contribute to a more compassionate and courageous world, individually and collectively. As human beings, we have to learn to understand, feel and practice how we can live together more peacefully, embracing our life force energy and our inner and interpersonal diversity.

What’s the problem?

The challenge we want to deal with, is that kid’s and teens anxiety, stress-related disorders (as ADHD, learning difficulties, auto-immune diseases), burnouts and suicide have been rising and still are. Investing in the next generation’s wisdom and capability to deal with life’s challenges is necessary and urgent.

  • There is a trend of educating caregivers and teachers from a ‘new’ compassionate approach based on ‘new’ insights from neuroscience (actually it’s very old, but unfortunately that doesn’t trigger our brains’ curiosity), but it is not widely spread yet in our education patterns. We interpret compassion mostly as a reward for good behavior and we think we can thus protect our kids and teens… And those who are already growing up in a compassionate environment and whose caregivers have access to alternative educational activities, have a hard time connecting to the ‘normal’ facilities and systems in our society.
  • There is a huge need for understanding and learning how to deal with suffering (grief, anger, fear, anxiety, …)
  • There is also a growing number of professionals and parents that seek for change and feel alone in their struggle to build up a new educational culture. At the same time there is a lot of resistance to compassionate education and investing in future generations in a profound compassionate way.

With this project we want to fill the lack of activities and places  

  • that are accessible AND radical enough to foster real change 
  • that offer teenagers and caregivers a get-away from daily life and make space for discovering and building new habits
  • that invites them to engage in an individual and collective activity, based on a compassionate, embodied and conflict-resolution-oriented approach. 
  • that contribute to community-building and embody the growing culture of a deeper human connection, capable of facing tension.

Why would you care?

Do you know any kid or teenager in your own family or friends who seem to be losing self-confidence, to be suffering, or have you experienced it yourself? 

Do you recognize the feeling of longing to be understood, not to be judged, allowing you to be your whole self and to reconnect to the life force energy that drives your motivation and confidence? 

Do you wish the next generation to act with more wisdom and more resilience?

As an investor and/or participant, you will be part of our network and gatherings, experiencing the qualities of connection that we build with all participants in this project. We invest in developing and embodying our skills, to create stronger and deeper human connection, and to handle tension and conflict.

What’s the solution?

The solution to the challenge is that we actively and experientially engage in a permanent and lifelong learning process of understanding and practicing living in connection with one another. 

In this project, a process of preparations, retreats and follow up-sessions will help teenagers and parents or other child-care-givers to get in touch with their intrinsic motivation, self-confidence and with mutual support, and we will develop and integrate the capacity of recognizing, preventing and handling situations where emotions, convictions or other unknown elements are blocking growth and creativity.

Let’s create a parallel and complementary way of learning now, instead of waiting until the educational system has changed. 

Let’s invest in generosity and compassion, love and courage, finding balance, learning to build resilience and reinvent living together. 

Let’s make it accessible to all teenagers to encounter their inner force and potential in a safe environment, and to learn how to develop concrete actions in a changing and conflictual world. 

How will we manage to do that?

We will be reaching our goals by teaching, experiencing and learning tools and skills to deal with ourselves and others, to cope with differences instead of fearing them, in a way that reveals our hidden wisdom and strength. Through a process of intake, preparation-meetings, retreats@La Lucciola and follow-up-sessions, we will be connecting to our intrinsic motivation and self-knowledge, developing insight in our own talents and potential. Participation in several retreats is possible.

Our retreats are based on the idea that deeper insights arise in a compassionate environment, in contact with nature, having the possibility to be alone and together, where we are literally, physically building something and contributing to a resourcing place for ourselves and for others. During the retreats we will be embodying and practicing the qualities we want to develop, to support and channel the intensities of daily life that will await us when we come back home.

Who would want to participate?

Participants can be teenagers, caregivers and kids who are losing or have lost their confidence in or connection with the regular (educational) systems, or who want to act to make a difference for themselves and for others.

Our participants want to develop their courage to deal with conflict and stress, and connect with themselves and/or other people, feeling supported and not being alone in the quest of building their life and future.

Who is coordinating this?

Ylva Berg created this project and will be coordinating it. She is a multilingual Deep Democracy trainer and facilitator (inclusive decision-making and conflict resolution) for adults, kids and teens. She is also a MBSR/MBCT and Mindful Parenting trainer, Embodiment student, volunteer in socio-cultural movements and associations, professional singer, and mother of three teenagers. Compassionate and sensitive, she is able to establish clear boundaries and deep human connection, and to reveal creativity and potential, even in chaotic and conflictual situations. Some of her most important qualities are reliability, congruent values and actions,  an experiential approach, a constructive collaborative attitude and a large social and professional network. Every interaction or part of a process provides in itself a result already.

All official arrangements will be handled through Ylva’s organization (Firoa srl).



Full CV on request

Who are the partners that will make this work?

Investors in this project are our first partners. They are the co-creators of La Lucciola. The piece of land has been bought in March 2022 this year, and there is still a need for investments to start renovating the small house. Through the income of sponsors and contributions, we will continue to finance the building project which will develop organically in time. Co-creators can participate and/or orient people in their own networks who could benefit from this project. They are warmly invited to experience the learning process of building culture together through online and live meetings during the year. The co-creators who would like to publish their names, can be listed on this page.

Investing in this project is possible in many ways

  • Giving us feedback and inspiring ideas
  • Spreading our message in your own network
  • Offer your time and talents, working on renovation and maintenance, agriculture and cultivating, (co-)guiding retreats
  • Make financial contributions (a donation, a loan or any other form of financial support)
  • Invest material contributions (building materials for the renovation project, furniture to equip the ‘rooms’, …)
  • Propose your ideas, any contribution you think of is worth discussing!

Different kinds of activities will be organized to generate diversity in income, input and public: 

  • retreats for teens and caregivers are possible during school holidays, will be based on minimal contributions and donations to guarantee accessibility
  • retreats for adults in Deep Democracy and other culture-building methods will have ‘normal’ contributions and the possibility to add donations
  • co-creator’s gatherings where all investors can meet and connect and they will contribute each in their own way

In the first year, we will focus on our existing network, and in time we want to reach out to a growing network of partner organizations, such as (mental) health care associations, schools, youth support associations, parents associations and social movements.

Activity planning

The renovation activities will start as soon as the purchase of La Lucciola is done. In this document you will find the planning of preparations and possible retreat-weeks in 2022 – 2023 – 2024. For more details about the financial planning, you can contact us through this form.